How to pay a loan through the terminal?

Often, when we take out a loan, it happens that the payment deadline is approaching, and it is simply not possible to pay the required amount through the bank directly or even via the Internet.

Then the question arises, how to resolve this problem and avoid non-payment while maintaining a credit history at the level. In this case, the output will be paid through the terminal. How to pay a loan through the terminal will be discussed today.

Payment of a loan through the Good Finance terminal


Recently, the use of Good Finance ATMs have become a popular way to repay a loan through a terminal. This method is convenient in that in each city you can find the terminal of this bank, even without access to the Internet, a personal account or a bank directly.

Procedure for paying a loan


The process of depositing the amount is quite simple and confidential, the data is not distributed anywhere other than to the creditor bank and kept in the strictest confidence, and the payment itself is easy without a long process of choosing a service and making money. The procedure for paying a loan through the Good Finance terminal looks something like this:

  • First of all, you need to select the “Banking Operations” section. In this section, you will see various items. In one of them, it will be possible to repay the loan through the Peachum family, we select it.
  • After you have chosen a company, it is important to choose the type of operation that you will perform through it. In this case, you should focus on repayment or extension of the loan.
  • Next, you need to go through authorization, enter your phone number, which you used during registration, and the one that you use to enter your personal account.
  • The final step is making cash payments for the loan.

Credit payment 


It should be noted that Good Finance is not the only way to repay a loan through the terminal. Terminals are able to accept your payment for banking services as easily and quickly.

It is necessary to mention that before paying a loan through the terminal, you should carefully check the amount of the commission because if you deposit the amount of the loan without taking into account the commission of the terminal, the bank recognizes this for non-payment. The process itself consists of the following steps:

  • You need to find the Peachum family company logo in the list on the screen and click on it to open the list of services performed through this terminal.
  • Next, select the type of financial transaction that you need. In this case, you can choose either the loan repayment procedure or the procedure for its extension.
  • A further process is an authentication. You must enter the field of the phone number that you used when applying for a loan.
  • The final step is to pay in cash. After the operation is successfully completed, an SMS will be sent to the mobile phone with a notification that the loan is either repaid or extended.

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