Where to give a loan without problems?


Consumer lending in the country does not lose its relevance. However, getting financial assistance is not as easy as 3-4 years ago. Today, most banks have tightened requirements for the borrower, which makes obtaining a loan virtually unavailable.

But in 2018 there are other organizations where you can take money on credit without problems without outside help and, most importantly, on loyal terms.

Credit availability 


Why has credit availability declined? With a minimum wage of 3,200 USD, living a month is simply unrealistic, not like paying on a debt. Yes, and many employers continue to pay wages in an envelope, documenting all the same 3,200 documents.

But it is precisely those official structures that pay loans without problems that pay attention to official income.

For each creditor, the applicant must meet a certain level according to the following criteria:

  • Reliability – a high level of responsibility, stable social status, good credit history;
  • financial reliability – a stable salary, high income, property in the property.

Therefore, before going to the bank, it is important to understand how to get a cash loan without any problems.

What problems can arise during registration?


Given the above criteria, bank employees have the right to refuse extradition. However, the main reason for the refusal is not reported. What problems may arise if you decide to request funds:

  • If an unemployed person applies, most likely he will receive a negative answer on the application. Only installment items or credit cards can be available and given the fact that the borrower previously had loans, and all of them were repaid on time.
  • A pensioner will be able to take out a loan from a bank without refusal in most cases only until the age of 60. The fact is that some organizations impose age restrictions and do not serve citizens who have reached the age of 65-75. Pensioners are not credited because of the increased risk of default: the minimum pension in the country (and this is a low income for the bank), the likelihood of a poor health condition of the borrower.
  • Minors, and in some cases those who are under the age of 21-25, will also not be able to get a loan without problems. In addition to the upper limit, banking organizations set a lower age limit. According to the law, persons under the age of 18 are not entitled to draw up an agreement, and according to the bank’s internal rules, there are also restrictions for older citizens. Some are willing to cooperate only with clients over 21 years old, others are complete with those over 25.
  • The borrowed amount is also estimated taking into account the real profit of the applicant. For example, a person needs 100 000 USD, but after analyzing personal data, an employee can take only 50 000 USD.
  • It’s also impossible to get loans without problems if you don’t have a stable income every month. Even for the unemployed, it is possible to get approval (for example, for goods by installments), but only if he receives a regularly determined amount. For example, an unofficial salary or a percentage of the deposit.
  • Funds for treatment will be difficult to obtain for the reason that this is a risk. A client who takes money for treatment may be unable to work for some time, due to which there will be a delay or payment will cease altogether.

Banks giving loans without problems


On the example of the table, we evaluate whether there are banks in the country that provide loans without problems:

Loans without problems from MFIs


But what is the rating of credit organizations by microloans:


Based on the information presented, we can conclude that if you need a really large amount, you should try contacting a banking organization. If up to 20 thousand dollars is enough, it is better to use services where documents for obtaining a loan are not needed.

Unlike the banking procedure, there is no link to official employment, they do not ask for a workbook and do not look at the availability of the property.

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